Why luxury retailers must go above and beyond on service

4 January 2021

Call me fussy. Call me demanding. Call me a luxury shopper. All three are true.Maybe discriminating is a better word than fussy, but you get the point.
As a research consultant to luxury and lifestyle companies I too am in the service industry. I need to serve my clients. And I like to think, without sound/ing arrogant, that I hope I achieve this in a professional and responsive manner.

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Cafe society: When luxury retail and dining meet

16 November 2020

I remember once watching a US made-for-TV movie a long time ago, featuring a fashion boutique in Beverly Hills, that also housed a beauty salon and a restaurant within its glamorous walls. At that time, I thought this was a fabulous idea, one that I aspired to own (and actually still do!)…

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Opinion: Is luxury over?

8 October 2020

“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is opposite of vulgarity.” Coco Chanel Indeed, before we should even begin to answer this question, we should first ask ourselves something even more key: What is luxury? It is certainly a very overused word…

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Just Saying…

5 February 2020

In the service industry there is a saying often used that the customer is always right. Being in the service industry myself I can totally relate to that. Within limits. Even if the customer is not always right you have to give the impression that they are. Simply put, it is reverse psychology. A form of disarmament. And it works. Being too proud or defensive definitely does not…

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