What We Do

We inspire our clients through:


Based on acute understanding of key consumer, channel and influencer segments


Beyond the more traditional research methodologies to deliver maximum value


An integrated offering to complement and enhance existing strategies and platforms


Creative and actionable marketing strategies, going beyond traditional research

As a full-service consultancy we’re adept in a range of Qualitative and Quantitative techniques, but often go beyond the traditional methodologies, providing our clients with a more holistic perspective.

We engage complementary expertise where appropriate; key stakeholders including media owners or editors, retailers and opinion leaders. This validates and enhances consumer research by giving a richer context for developing actionable marketing strategies.

We also work with complementary ‘partners’, as example, Creative/Brand/PR Agencies, using research as a base to feed into strategy or creative.

By acting as a strategic partner, we add value for a diverse and sophisticated client base across Asia Pacific and our success to date has been in parallel to that of the brands on which we’ve been engaged.

“Research should be more than just information. Good research should be the base from which to assist in strategic decision making and to present solutions.”

What We Do