Fashion Brand: Mixed Methodology Study


To gain a greater understanding of the usage behavior and need states of the target consumer for a new product line (active/casual sportswear) which was to be delivered across Asia.
An important focus was on any change in brand imagery/equity as a result of this new collection and if the brand was able to communicate ‘lifestyle’ through both POS and through the collection itself.
A further study focussed very much on positioning and in how to best position the brand (and hence its DNA) in a way that creates an emotional bond with the consumer.


Markets covered: Hong Kong and China.
Methodology: A combination of Qualitative and Quantitative methodologies.
Retail space was also tested. In addition, apparel was tried and tested in a more creative forum; that of a workout studio and with a trainer in hand and utilizing Paired Interviews/ Mini-Focus Group Discussions.


Through a series of internal Workshops, included to generate discussion (and to gather ‘buy-in’); the identification of areas of strategic focus for the brand and ultimately, the initial development of an Action Plan moving forward.